What is Heartnotes?

Heartnotes is a personal diary app which runs in your browser. You can use it to record your innermost thoughts. It has been designed with security and privacy as its main priorities.

How do I use it?

Visit https://web.heartnotes.me.

How much does it cost?

It's FREE for now as we're still in beta. Enjoy!

What browser and/or device do I need to use Heartnotes?

Any modern browser which supports HTML5 and CSS3 standards should work, although we highly recommend using either Chrome or Firefox since these result in the best experience.

Heartnotes should work well in desktops and on tablets, and possibly most phones (though you may encounter some minor issues).

Why isn't there a desktop app?

We actually have a working desktop app but it needs to be updated for the latest codebase. You can check it out yourself at our Github repository.

Is Heartnotes safe to use?

Heartnotes uses client-side encryption to protect what you write. This means that your diary is "locked up" as soon as it is saved, so that even if you sent it across the internet nobody would be able to read it without knowing your password. Not even us.

The Heartnotes website uses the latest SSL security standards to ensure that all communication between the app and the website is done over a secure channel which nobody else can eavesdrop in on.

Finally, we never send your password to our server and we never store it on our server. Even if our server gets hacked (which we take precautions against!) nobody will be able to read your diary without actually knowing your password.

I'm still not convinced...

Well Heartnotes is open-source so you can see it's code for yourself at Github.

So does this mean it's impossible to hack my diary?

Not quite. Your password must be strong. Ideally it would be atleast 16 characteres in length, and a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. Heartnotes will help you pick a strong password.

If somebody finds out your password they can access your diary. If you login to Heartnotes on a shared public computer you should be careful - a malicious actor may be able to find out your password by recording your keystrokes.

Does Heartnotes protect my privacy?

Absolutely. Apart from the security measures outlined above we don't collect any personal data from you apart from your email address. We do not share your email address with any third-parties without your explicit consent.

We don't show any ads either. Our revenue model will eventually be subscription-based.

Who is behind all this?